Han’s TCS 405nm leads laser direct imaging(LDI)

Release time:2022-09-15

Maskless lithography can be realized by LDI, It has many advantages in imaging resolution, alignment accuracy, product yield, automation and so on. Which is rapidly replacing traditional mask exposure production methods. Through LDI, 3D printing of materials such as polymer, ceramics can also be realized.

Hans TCS can supply 405nm semiconductor laser to manufacturers of LDI devices. Our laser using high quality chip, can ensure the stability and uniformity of exposure energy, leading technology, excellent performance. We have many LDI equipment customers and rich industry application experience.

As a leading semiconductor laser manufacturer in China, Hans TCS  has reached the international leading level in semiconductor laser diode packaging and fiber coupling technology. We provide 405nm lasers with 12W, 24W, 30W, 50W, 100W multiple power levels for the LDI industry.


Technology innovation

lSpace beam coupling technology

lSingle fiber output high-power and high-brightness

lFlexible control mode: analog /RS232

lEfficient water-cooling system

lHigh electro-optic conversion efficiency, low power consumption

lLight and compact, easy to maintain

lOver current, over voltage, over temperature and other multiple protection measures

Key technical advantage

lBased on single-emitter chips package coupling into one optical fiber, with a fiber core diameter of 400μm/600μm, excellent beam quality, higher brightness and stability.

l The system adopts datachable fiber design, equipped with highly reliable fiber patch cord, easy fiber replacement.

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