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Han's TCS leads laser medical cosmetology


Laser therapy is superior to traditional therapies in terms of accuracy, efficacy and safety in many medical applications. In the field of medical cosmetology, with the people's understanding of laser medical beauty, the market is growing rapidly. Currently, laser medical treatment and cosmetology are mainly used in dental, hair removal, skin rejuvenation, acne treatment, stain removal, tattoo, scar repair, laser surgery and other aspects.

Han's TCS provides high power semiconductor lasers to manufacturers of laser medical beauty equipment, including: high power 808nm fiber coupled lasers for hair removal, 980nm/1470nm lasers for urology, 638nm lasers for photodynamic therapy and multi-wavelength lasers used in dentistry, etc., to help the development of laser medical beauty industry, to meet the people's yearning for a better life.

Aiming at the application of laser hair removal, Han's TCS takes the lead in independently developing the high-power 808nm semiconductor laser for hair removal based on fiber coupling output technology in the world, and has achieved mass production. Compared with traditional bar-stacked lasers,our laser adopts multi-chips coupling mode, which has lower cooling requirements, better heat dissipation, longer life and high reliability. Hair removal hand piece can be designed to be lighter, easier to use and more versatile without laser light. Han's TCS began to sell hair removal lasers in 2015, the technology is mature, and can provide semiconductor lasers + power supply and driver+ handle solutions, reduce the user's design difficulty, shorten the new product research and development cycle, lead laser hair removal equipment manufacturers to high-quality products.Main products :808nm wavelength 200W/300W/400W/600W/800W laser, as well as 755nm and 1064nm single wavelength and multi-wavelength laser.

Laser dental technology, with minimally invasive,light pain ,flexible convenient,quick wound healing and many other advantages, increasingly attracted people's attention. as a domestic high-quality semiconductor laser manufacturer, Han’s TCS has been promoting the application of dental semiconductor laser.After years of industry demand analysis, the semiconductor laser produced by our company can make dental laser treatment equipment very small and portable, with plug and play optical fiber, very flexible addition, our company has developed a number of multi-wavelength products in the dental treatment field, which can be customized according to customer needs,we have leading technology, rich experience.Through an fiber output multiple wavelengths, we can help users to achieve one laser equipment, a variety of medical functions.our company can provide 450nm, 638nm, 660nm, 808nm, 980nm, 1064nm, 1470nm and other wavelengths of lasers, to assist the development of laser dentistry.

About Han's TCS

Han’s TCS was founded in 2011, located in Beijing Development Area, has been focusing on the development, production and sales of high-quality semiconductor laser devices and systems for more than 10 years.our company has complete equipment and production lines from chip packaging to fiber coupling, is a very powerful high-quality semiconductor laser manufacturer.In 2019, our company established a subsidiary, Han's TianCheng Optronics Co., LTD. in Tianjin Beichen Development Area, to expand the production capacity of semiconductor lasers and meet the product needs of domestic and foreign customers. Our company produces high quality semiconductor laser products, power from watts to kilowatts, wavelength from 375nm to 1550nm to near-infrared band, which is widely used in laser direct imaging (LDI) laser radar,laser medical beauty, laser welding, laser solid state laser and fiber laser pump source and other field.

Han’s TCS Co., Ltd.

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