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Han's TCS 940nm pumping source leads laser Lidar industrial development

Intelligent autonomous driving is the future direction of automotive development. Many domestic and foreign manufacturers are devoting to the sensing field related to automotive autonomous driving, and LIDAR is one of the most important components in this field. Automotive LIDAR systems use pulsed lasers to detect and measure the car and surrounding environmental objects. Automotive systems control speed, direction and braking systems based on LIDAR feedback signals to enable intelligent driving. LIDAR plays an important role in vehicle assisted driving functions such as collision warning, avoidance systems, lane keeping, lane departure warning and adaptive cruise control. 

At present, LIDAR mainly use two laser wavelengths: 905nm and 1550nm. In recent years, many domestic and foreign LIDAR manufacturers actively use 1550nm laser, expecting to achieve longer detection distance and more accurate obstacle recognition. The 1550nm laser can better meet the requirements of "human eye safety"and it can detect longer distances and more accurately identify long-distance obstacles, giving drivers or vehicles more reaction time and making driving safer.

The current barrier to popular application of 1550nm LIDAR systems is high cost.  With the 1550nm LIDAR mass-production, prices of pumping source will be more cost-effective.  As the price of pumping source and related components keep falling, 1550nm LIDAR will gradually be selected as the long-range choice by automobile manufacturers. 

As a semiconductor laser manufacturer with more than 10 years of R&D and manufacturing capability of laser pumping source products, Han's TCS has accumulated profound technology and mass production experience in the field of fiber laser pumping source packaging. At present, we have officially launched the 940nm 10W pumping source to the manufacturers of 1550nm fiber laser for LIDAR. The product has good beam quality, stable performance, high and low temperature resistance, very cost-effective, and industry-leading technical. Han's TCS has the ability of mass production manufacturing, can quickly respond to customer's needs. Welcome LIDAR manufacturers and fiber laser manufacturers to contact us, we can provide pumping source samples for manufacturers to test, and actively cooperate with manufacturers in the development of new products.

About Han's TCS

Han's TCS was founded in 2011, located in Beijing Development Area, has been focusing on the development, production and sales of high-quality semiconductor laser devices and systems for more than 10 years.our company has complete equipment and production lines from chip packaging to fiber coupling, is a very powerful high-quality semiconductor laser manufacturer.In 2019, our company established a subsidiary, Han's TianCheng Optronics Co., LTD. in Tianjin Beichen Development Area, to expand the production capacity of semiconductor lasers and meet the product needs of domestic and foreign customers.our company produces high quality semiconductor laser products, power from watts to kilowatts, wavelength from 375nm to 1550nm band, which is widely used in laser direct imaging (LDI) laser radar,laser medical beauty, laser welding, solid state laser and fiber laser pumping source and other fields.

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