High power blue lasers lead welding industrial development

Release time:2022-06-06

In recent years, fiber lasers have developed rapidly and are widely used for cutting and welding materials such as carbon steel and stainless steel. However, this NIR laser absorbs little when welding metal materials such as copper and gold, easily sputtering and have air holes, and requires a high laser power. However, the shorter wavelength offers a much better absorption match for welding and 3D printing certain materials. The blue laser is able to perform welding more quickly than infrared ones, especially for colored matals like gold, copper, and other reflective metals.


In order to meet the demand for blue laser in the market, Han’s TCS has launched blue semiconductor laser after technical research and solving various difficulties. The wavelength is 450nm, and the power 50W, 100W, 200W, 500W and others available. Han's TCS was using single-emitter diodes instead of diode bars, so that the diodes could deliver better brightness, higher thermal stability and long-term stability. The products have run long-term aging tests, with excellent quality and stability, and can be used for welding, cladding and laser additive manufacturing of copper, gold and alloys containing those metals.

With the increasing demand for blue laser in the market, we have also improved the brightness and power of blue lasers and reducing the cost to accelerate the popularization and application of blue laser technology.

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