The application of 1470nm semiconductor laser in laser treatment of varicose veins

Release time:2022-12-15

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Varicose veins are a common peripheral vascular disease, with a prevalence of up to 15-20%. The symptoms of varicose veins are mainly manifested as leg heaviness and distension, redness and pain, and even severe ulcers, which do not heal for a long time, seriously affecting the patient's health and quality of life.

      The traditional treatment of varicose veins is mainly surgical ligation and exfoliation, which has the risk of operation and anesthesia. The trauma is large, there are many complications, the recovery time is long, and it is inevitable to produce multiple scars, so most patients recoil, not easy to accept.

Endovenous Laser Treatrment(EVLT) makes up for the shortcomings of traditional surgery, and provides better treatment for varicose veins.

EVLT uses a catheter to introduce optical fiber into the vein, and uses the thermal energy effect of semiconductor laser to accurately act on the inner wall of the blood vessel, resulting in the closure and fibrosis of the dilated blood vessel. The treatment time is short, only about 40 minutes can be completed;This new therapy is less trauma, less pain, quick recovery, no scars; Short hospital stays or even no hospitalization required; The treatment effect is exact, the success rate is more than 99%.

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The 1470nm semiconductor laser produced by Han’s TCS has the advantages of stable power, good spot consistency, safety and so on. It is a good assistant in the treatment of varicose veins. The scattering light in tissues is less, the distribution is uniform and effective, the tissue absorption rate is strong, the penetration depth is shallow (2-3mm), the solidification range is concentrated, and the surrounding healthy tissue will not be hurt.

In addition,1470nm semiconductor laser not only has high cutting efficiency, but also can be conducted through optical fiber, and can be absorbed by hemoglobin and cellular water. Heat can concentrate in a small volume of tissue, quickly gasification and decomposition of tissue; It is most suitable for the repair of nerve, blood vessel, skin and other small tissues. At the same time, the energy directly acts on the blood vessel wall, which can completely and evenly close the blood vessels, ensuring that the operation is more thorough, safe and minimally invasive.

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